Most Common Gripes of Commercial Van Drivers


Commercial drivers are the mainstay of the UK economy. And when driving on the road for the majority of the day, it is not surprising that they see their fair share of annoyances. In this light-hearted blog post, we provide a round-up of the most annoying things van drivers encounter when on the job. These annoyances are largely based on a recent VW survey of commercial van drivers. Enjoy!


Parking spaces that are too small


A key pet hate of van drivers is parking spaces that are too small, poorly marked out, or simply unfit for purpose. Some parking spaces seem only designed for small hatchback cars — not the heavy duty commercial vehicle. A lack of parking often means parking on the road, vastly increasing the chance of a parking ticket.


Getting ‘cut up’ when on roundabouts


Another common complaint is getting cut up by other motorists while on roundabouts. Van drivers regularly report vehicles in the wrong lane, turning at the last minute, or failing to indicate. In some cases, this can lead to near misses, or in the worse case scenario, serious crashes requiring the emergency services.


No space for delivery and tight roads


Commercial drivers very often have to make delivery drop-offs to numerous addresses. But when there’s no suitable area to unload, the job is made much more difficult. Tight roads are also problematic for many vans drivers. This is especially the case if the narrow road has cars parked or there is insufficient room to turn around.


Not being let into heavy traffic


Kindness goes a long way, and if traffic is heavy, van drivers are looking for a patient motorist to let them into the queue. Many van drivers feel the reputation of ‘white van man’ backfires against them at times, especially in rush hour when people are looking to get home quickly. Equally irritating is no acknowledgements.


Issues with cyclists and pedestrians


It is not uncommon for commercial drivers to see pedestrians walking out into the road without looking, or cyclists weaving on and off the road. Issues with cyclists in the blind spot are also common. Pedestrians who press the pelican crossing and run across before the light appears are also a major bugbear of many a van driver.