With the ‘GRV Nearly New Promise’ you can make serious savings on a van that’s as-good-as-new.

When you’re considering purchasing a refrigerated vehicle for your business, we know it can be a daunting process. You want to secure the best deal possible on the best van available. On paper, the best value is to buy a used vehicle but buying a pre-used van comes with its own risks. That’s why we’re passionate about matching businesses to their perfect van and taking the worry out of the deal with a strict used van approval system.

What is the ‘GRV Nearly New Promise’?

We want you to get the best value van possible within your budget and we’re transparent about the facts. Vans only qualify for our ‘Nearly New Promise’ if they are less than 20 months old, have no more than 20,000 miles and have interiors and exteriors in A1 condition. At GRV, we also know that everyone has their own preferences which is why we also consider other factors such as warrantied mileage, how recently a vehicle was serviced and include chiller unit warranties.

What does this mean for your wallet?

To give you an example, a brand-new Mercedes Sprinter MWB Fridge Van would cost you £35,995. A 20-month-old Mercedes Sprinter MWB Fridge Van with 17000 miles on the clock at the GRV Nearly New price would be £25,995 which means you’d make a significant saving £10,495. That’s a top quality van, that is as-good-as-new and money you’ll have spare to invest back into the business!

Tell me more!

Call us on 01444 245555 to enquire about a van make and model you are interested in. If for some reason we don’t have one in stock ready-to-go, our Van Buyers team will jump on the case, hunt down a van that meets your criteria and ensure it meets the GRV Nearly New Promise criteria. We will then undertake a van conversion, installing the fridge or freezer unit into the van before delivering it right to your door. Our Nearly New Promise will provide you with a van that’s as-good-as-new and save you up to £10,495 on the price of a new van! Customer satisfaction is our goal

Why are we confident that we can make this promise?

Because our ‘nearly new promise’ and our transparent approach has ensured we are the UK’s leading and most trusted supplier of refrigerated vans and freezer fans. For us the true sign of a happy customer is, of course, that they come back! In recent years, our returning customers and referrals have contributed to 70% of our sales – they say they wouldn’t go anywhere else!

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