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fridge freezer vans

Freezer and fridge vans

Are you planning to buy a new or used-approved refrigerated vehicle or any temperature controlled vehicle? Are you looking for the best deal for a single or a complete fleet of commercial refrigerated/ freezer vehicles for your business? You are at the right place!

GRV4FridgeVans have been in the controlled temperature transportation industry for over 3 decades and we have grown to be the most reliable and trusted Refrigerated VansFreezer Vans in the whole of the UK. Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers.

In the last few years, return customers and referrals have contributed to over 70% of our total sales, clear proof of our quality and high standards.

Highly Rated By Our Customers

Been purchasing vehicles from GRV for many years now , and always provided a 1st class service at fair prices.
roberto quirici
6 months ago
John was straight to the point - the van was done to a high standard in the timeframe he said very easy to deal with and no pressure!
Blake Fletcher
6 months ago
Fantastic Service from John and team. We have purchased our Freezer vans from here for years now.
Jill Woodburn
8 months ago
We recently purchased a Van From GRV 4 Fridge Vans and the service was impressive. The Vehicle was built exactly to spec and the communication from John was excellent. We'll hopefully be buying from them again soon. Thanks guys!
A & J Audhali
8 months ago
I have been using GRV 4 Fridge Vans for many years now and John and his team have always gone above and beyond to provide me with the best service. Nothing is too much trouble and they are always polite and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone without a second thought. Christopher Wickens
Christopher Wickens
10 months ago

How can we help?

We have a wide range of temperature controlled/ refrigerated vehicles to choose from. Even if you have little or no knowledge about the industry, there is no reason to worry. GRV4Fridgevans refrigerated vans specialists are experienced, friendly and always willing to help you get the right vans for your business needs. We are ever committed to ensure that every client who walks in, walks out with a solution that suits their logistics and transport requirements, preference while working within your budget.

In addition to our industry experience and expertise, GRV4FridgeVans has maintained a strong relationship with renowned vehicle (commercial) manufacturers and refrigeration/ insulation experts which enable us to get a customised freezer or refrigeration vehicles for your specific business needs. Through these working relationships we get generous discounts which we trickle down to our customers.  We believe that money should not stand between you and your dreams. We link you up with reliable financial institutions, which can assist you with Hire Purchase or Lease deals.

fridge freezer vans

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Why we stand out

There are many van suppliers in the UK but GRV4Fridgevans stands out in a number of great ways. We always take an approach that helps us to deliver effective solutions to every customer unique requirements. Our specialists first get to know your business and your purpose so as to help you choose the right freezer vans in line with your business goals.

Whether you purchase a new or refurbished temperature controlled vehicle, we ensure that the vehicle is fitted with new and highly acclaimed insulation kit and refrigeration unit set to serve you through the vehicle life-cycle. Our internal engineering team always inspects your refrigerated van before delivery to ensure it is in the best working condition. We also offer warrant with a minimum of two years or in terms of miles covered and should any problem develop, our team is always on standby to help.

Our showrooms are stocked with a wide range of temperature controlled vehicles for all your needs and budget, and through our relationship with all industry players; we always have the latest van models for new market demands. All our staff are equipped with customer service skills and always ready to offer free professional advice or recommendations whenever necessary.

Don’t just purchase a refrigerated van. Let GRV4Fridgevans experts guide you to get them most cost-effective and effective option for your business. We offer free delivery nationwide irrespective of your location in the UK. For more information and consultancy, feel free to talk to us.

Refrigerated Vans: Frequently Asked Questions

A refrigerated van is a vehicle that offers temperature and humidity control in the cargo bay. A commercial-grade refrigerator unit is combined with insulation technology to offer air conditioning, heating or dehumidifying.

There are often three options when it comes to choosing a refrigerated van. You can either convert an existing van into a refrigerated van by improving the insulation and then adding a refrigeration unit. You can also choose between a range of used and new vehicles. There are petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles available.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from a refrigerated van. This includes any business responsible for transporting perishables, including food, flowers or medical supplies.

It’s important not to overload your van as this can reduce airflow and make it difficult for the refrigeration unit to work effectively. We recommend choosing a van with at least 10 cubic feet of storage space. Shop around and look for a van that will serve your business for years to come so you can set your sights on growth and expansion.

This will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your van, the standard of insulation, what you are storing in the van and how tightly packed it is. In general, you can expect it to take around 20 minutes for a van to cool down to 5 degrees Celsius.

This all depends on the items you are transporting. For meat, fish, dairy and other perishable food products, the industry standard is around 5 degrees Celsius. For pharmaceutical products, the temperature can vary from up to 15 degrees Celsius to below freezing. It all depends on the products you are transporting. Choosing a van with variable cargo hold will enable you to carry a wider range of perishables at once.

For the largest storage area, we recommend an extra long model that will have a full-length top box as standard. This cargo space can be split into zones for more flexibility, or you could add racking and shelves to make the most of the height and ensure your perishables are stored securely.

A refrigerated van is typically smaller than a truck and will usually have a single axle. This type of vehicle is perfect for businesses operating in cities, as it will be easier to get around. A truck is a much larger vehicle with multiple axles. This type of vehicle is best suited for long-distance travel.

If you transport perishable goods and you have previously been limited in your business by a lack of suitable vehicles, then you can benefit from a refrigerated van. Some of the businesses that can benefit from this type of vehicle include food suppliers, farmers, caterers, pharmaceutical companies, florists and many more. If you’re not sure if a refrigerated van is right for your company, we’d be happy to help you explore your options.

This all depends on your budget and your business goals. An electric vehicle can save you money in the long term as it will allow you to avoid the ULEZ charges while also helping to cut operational costs. If you are on a tight budget, a petrol-powered vehicle might be better suited.

If you’re curious about the operational history of your chosen model, we recommend visiting the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) website to find out more about any potential issues you might face. This can help you to decide if you are choosing a reliable vehicle.

It is certainly possible to find pre-owned refrigerated vans on the market. This can help to save money and avoid the need for a more significant upfront investment. However, with a new vehicle, you will enjoy improved performance and efficiency. When buying a used vehicle, make sure you check out the history of the van to check for any more extensive repairs.

You will need a valid driver’s licence in order to operate your refrigerated van. If you only have an automatic licence, you will need an automatic van. Without a full manual licence, you will be restricted to automatic vehicles. You will also need insurance and road tax before you can take your vehicle on the road. Since it is a commercial vehicle, you will need commercial van insurance.

The biggest benefit of choosing a refrigerated van over a conventional van is the flexibility to transport perishable goods. These are not only great for keeping things cool, they can also prevent items in the van from getting too hot, too cold or even too humid. This will ensure your items arrive at their destination in peak condition.

The main difference is the temperature inside the cargo hold and the type of items typically transported. A freezer van is more likely to be used for frozen goods, like frozen fish or ice cream. Catering companies can benefit from different temperature controlled compartments, allowing them to store items at different temperatures.

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