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Refrigerated Van Lease

Leasing a refrigerated van could allow you to expand your business without the upfront investment of a van purchase. Refrigerated vans are commonly used by catering companies, florists, food suppliers and chemical suppliers to help deliver temperature-controlled items with ease.

We offer flexible terms and competitive rates to allow you to find the ideal refrigerated van for your needs. Our vans are kitted out with all of the extras you need to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for your driver, while also ensuring the flexibility to be able to transport temperature-sensitive items with ease.

Lease small commercial refrigerated vans

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How can refrigerated van lease help your business?

Purchasing a specialist vehicle like a refrigerated van outright is a significant upfront cost that most companies could do without. Vehicle leasing is the ideal solution that will allow you to access the vehicle you need without compromise.

Your ideal leasing agreement

Our leasing agreements can grow with your business, allowing you to respond to demand and ensure your business remains competitive. By leasing rather than buying, you can choose the vehicle that is right for your specifications, rather than worrying about compromises you might need to make to keep the vehicle under budget.

Latest vehicle

You can also access the latest vehicles with reduced emissions and lower running costs, which will ensure your company can live up to its green commitments. Future-proof your business by choosing an efficient and economical van that can help you to cut everyday running costs in your business.

Why choose GRV 4 Fridge Vans?

We offer a comprehensive range of electric vehicles, from small to large, ensuring you can choose the ideal vehicle for your needs. 

We also offer flexible terms, so you can find the van configuration and leasing contract that works for you.

Comprehensive range

We have an extensive range of refrigerated vans to choose from, so you don’t have to compromise on size or performance. Choose from fully electric, hybrid or modern and efficient diesel and petrol engines. We also offer manual and fully automatic for complete flexibility.


Our customer service is also second to none, so you can be confident you’ll have the support of an expert leasing team, every step of the way.

If you’re ready to get started with refrigerated vehicle leasing, get in touch with our team today. We can help you to select the ideal van for your needs, and then build a flexible leasing agreement that will help you to grow your business. 

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We can convert almost any small van into a cool, refrigerated one.

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Lease large commercial refrigerated vans

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