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Are You ULEZ Compliant?

Do you drive into London everyday?

On April 8th 2019 the new London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) came into effect and will cost you an additional £12.50 every day! If your business takes you into the zone 5 days a week it could be costing you £3,250 a year!

If you own a vehicle that don’t meet the standards as outlined within ULEZ, petrol cars that don’t meet the Euro 4 emissions standards and diesels that don’t meet the relatively new Euro 6 emission standards, then you are going to have to pay £12.50 (on top of existing £11.50 charge) for each and every day that you travel within this zone.

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What is the cost to your business?

Vans in fleet Daily Weekly Monthly Annually
1 £12.50 £62.50 £270.83 £3,250.00
5 £62.50 £312.50 £1,354.17 £16,250.00
10 £125.00 £625.00 £2,708.33 £32,500.00
Vans in fleet 1 5 10
Daily £12.50 £62.50 £125.00
Weekly £62.50 £312.50 £625.00
Monthly £270.83 £1,354.17 £2,708.33
Annually £3,250.00 £16,250.00 £32,500.00

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