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Bristol’s Clean Air Scheme: What you need to know

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Clean Air Zone

Like several other areas of the UK, the city of Bristol is to introduce a ‘clean air’ initiative in an attempt to lower roadside pollution for the wellbeing of residents.

This area will be known as the Clean Air Zone (CAZ). It is designed to work towards lowering carbon emissions to meet the government’s environmental targets.

As many of our clients based and travelling around the country, at GRV 4 Fridge Vans, we do our best to keep up to date and informed on schemes such as these. So, without further ado…


What is the Bristol Clean Air Scheme?

The CAZ is an environmental and health scheme devised by Bristol City Council and in cooperation with the UK government.

If the plans are implemented on time, the council intends to roll out the CAZ by October 2021. However, implementation could be delayed due to Covid-19.

Once in operation, the CAZ will be enforced all day, every day (including bank holidays). Signs and cameras will signify entrances and exits to the zone.


What areas will the CAZ extend to?

Two possible zones were discussed during detailed meetings. The options were a smaller zone (CAZ D) or a zone spanning a larger area (CAZ C).

The smaller zone (CAZ D) was eventually selected and will encompass a small, central area of Bristol City Centre.

Older vehicles that cause a greater amount of pollution will need to pay a charge to enter the zone.

Experts believe the zone will help the city reach its environmental target of no greater than a level of 40μg/m3 nitrogen dioxide (NO2) by 2023.


What vehicle types will be impacted?

It is still unclear whether both commercial and private vehicles will be impacted by the CAZ. A decision is due to be announced shortly.

However, what we do know is that diesel vehicles with a Euro 5 rating or older will be impacted, as will petrol engine vehicles with a Euro 3 engine or older.

Newer, lower-polluting vehicles are unlikely to require payment to enter the zone. Plug-in hybrid vehicles and fully electric vehicles will certainly be exempt.


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