London’s ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) is set to expand further in 2023 as the Mayor sees bold action as the key to unlocking the air pollution challenge in the capital.

The proposed expansion will encompass the areas of the existing Low Emission Zone (LEZ), which covers most of Greater London and targets highly polluting vehicles.

This will place the vast majority of the capital and outlying commuter areas in the zone for the first time since its inception.

Once extended, the new ULEZ will be around four times the size of the existing zone and include areas such as Heathrow airport, Enfield, Upminster, Orpington, and Biggin Hill.

It is estimated that 3.5 million additional people will fall into the newly-expanded ULEZ.

Why the new expansion?

The new expansion is because around 50% of London residents do not own a car. They take the tube or use other forms of transport, such as the railway. Yet many Londoners are still impacted by toxic pollution from vehicles visiting or operating within the city. Research suggests that over half a million residents a year suffer consequences from air pollution, placing extra strain on the NHS.

By expanding the zone to cover the majority of Greater London, it is hoped that more outlying boroughs and neighbourhoods can benefit from the progress made in central areas.

A scrappage scheme is also under consideration and would be aimed at people on lower incomes who want to upgrade their older polluting vehicles.

What does it mean for commercial vehicles?

Commercial drivers, such as those operating refrigerated vans and other temperature controlled vehicles, will need to ensure they meet the criteria to operate in the zone.

Fridge van drivers require their vehicle to meet Euro 4 (NOx) standard or above to qualify. The majority of newer refrigerated vehicles, freezer vans, hybrids, and electric fridge vans are suitable.

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