Recent months have seen a marked increase in demand for used commercial vehicles. While demand for brand new vehicles remains high, the shortage of supply of new models has resulted in inflated prices and what can only be described as a bidding frenzy on car auction websites.

After the UK government’s lifting of coronavirus lockdown restrictions on 1st June 2020, demand for new vehicles has outstripped the level of supply car dealerships can accommodate. Stock of new vehicles, especially on auction websites, is limited and overpriced, according to industry watchers.

The coronavirus pandemic has understandably played a significant role in the latest trend. Over the past 6 months, car dealers have placed great emphasis on reducing the risk of Covid-19. This has involved increased online sales, but also a shortage of customers coming through the showroom door.

The national shortage of new vehicles has resulted in many people seeking used or ‘nearly new’ vehicles. Typical examples include commercial vans, such as refrigerated vehicles, used for transporting frozen and chilled produce.

Online auctions have become a hive of activity as dealers seek to snap up bargains of used refrigerated vehicles. This has impacted pricing, with many vehicles selling far higher than their original asking price.

It is recommended that people do not overspend on vehicles and instead seek out better value for money deals. Many people are beginning to see better bargains away from auction sites, such as at specialist sellers like GRV4FridgeVans.

There are a number of key advantages of purchasing a ‘nearly new’ refrigerated vehicle, as opposed to buying a brand new van, or competing in an auction.

Customers will be pleasantly surprised at the fantastic benefits at GRV4FridgeVans:


  • Age – Used ‘nearly new’ fridge and freezer vans are less than 18 months old at GRV4FridgeVans. This means customers gain a van in first-class condition at a fraction of the price of a new model.


  • Low milage – All the used refrigerated vans we feature have less than 20,000 miles on the clock. They have undergone regular servicing and significant maintenance checks before being released to customers.


  • Superb condition – Nearly new refrigerated vehicles have a superb A1 condition, both inside and outside. Coupled with the savings compared to buying new, purchasing a used commercial refrigerated van is a no-brainer.


  • Great value price – Buying a used refrigerated van can lead to £1000s worth of savings. This is great news for fleet owners or individuals on a budget who need a reliable, cost-effective van for their business.


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