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UK Fishing Industry Could Achieve £8 Billion A Year

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The ongoing saga over fishing rights has been a key sticking point during Brexit negotiations. At GRV4FridgeVans, many of our loyal customers work in the fish industry, so understandably we have a keen interest in any new developments.


A large number of our customers operate refrigerated vans to transport fish produce from suppliers to retailers, such as fish and chip shops, restaurants, pubs, market traders, and a wide range of stores and supermarkets. Keeping fish cool during transport is key. As is keeping the UK fishing industry thriving after Brexit.


After the transition period is over on 31st December 2020, the UK government intends to take back full control over fishing grounds. The intention is to manage access for foreign countries via a permit system and enforce strict catch quota controls. However, the full details of the arrangements are yet to be seen.


So-called ‘super trawlers’ have caused much controversy in recent times and are among the key causes of poor sustainability, according to industry observers. It is hoped that better management of UK waters can lead to more sustainable fish stocks — something that many people are deeply concerned about.


Should the UK and the EU come to a deal on fishing or not, Brexit provides the opportunity to re-energise the UK fishing industry. This is especially the case with dilapidated coastal towns that have been heavily reliant on fishing in the past. It may also lead to the development of new international markets for UK fishing stocks.


With careful management of fishing stocks and prioritisation for UK registered fishing vessels, some commentators claim that the UK fishing industry could be worth £6 to £8 billion a year. There is also scope for a significant revival of coastal communities and the re-establishment of jobs in these areas.


However, with the fishing industry currently worth around 0.1% of the UK economy as a whole, there is speculation that this could be sacrificed in favour of sectors that generate a much larger proportion of revenue, such as financial services. Even so, the government’s intention appears clear: to regain sovereign control of fishing waters. This could be positive news for anyone connected with UK fishing.

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