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Vauxhall Vivaro-e Hydrogen: A game-changer for zero-emissions?

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Vauxhall’s range of Vivaro vans is set to expand once more with the arrival of the Vivaro-e Hydrogen from 2023 in the UK.

Due to be produced in Rüsselsheim, Germany, the Vivaro-e Hydrogen is an exciting prospect with super-fast charging and capacity for long-distance driving.

While we will have to wait for the right-hand drive variant to be released in the UK, a left-hand version is available on the continent from 2021 under the Vauxhall-Opel brand name.

The key benefits of hydrogen technology, as opposed to electric battery-powered vans, are super-fast charging within minutes, greater driving range, and zero emissions, making hydrogen-powered vehicles a credible eco-friendly option.

While some low-emission vehicles sacrifice power for eco-friendly credentials, the Vivaro-e Hydrogen goes a step further. It packs 134bhp — the same output as the Vivaro electric battery-powered variant, putting it on par with other low-emission vans in the Vivaro range.

Besides having impressive power considering zero emissions, the major selling point of the Vivaro-e Hydrogen is that it can be fully re-fuelled in as little as 3 minutes. A full tank of hydrogen gives the van an impressive range of just short of 250 miles.

In addition, the vehicle can hold up to 6.1m3 of goods and equipment in the back, the same as the fossil-fuelled and electric battery variants of the Vivaro van. This makes it suitable for use as a commercial refrigerated vehicle.

The 45kW fuel cell installed on the vehicle enables long-distance motorway driving, making it perfect for commercial users performing regular deliveries, or even for private use by tradespeople and those transporting chilled and frozen goods.

A 10.5kWh lithium-ion battery is attached to the motor to provide further power at key moments. This is automatically charged while driving using ‘regenerative braking’.

The Vivaro-e Hydrogen certainly looks like a highly impressive and capable van with popular appeal. With over 20 years of experience in the field of hydrogen technology, Vauxhall is set to be among the forerunners in the marketplace.

At GRV 4 Fridge Vans, we have a wide range of commercial refrigerated vehicles for sale, stocking both new and used fridge and freezer vans. If you are seeking a refrigerated vehicle whether it be a fridge van or a freezer van at a competitive price, we have great experience in the field and are the UK’s most reliable suppliers.

Upon the launch of the Vivaro-e Hydrogen in 2023, we will gauge demand, then potentially stock the van within our wide range of refrigerated commercial vehicles. Part of this process will involve judging the suitability of the van as a refrigerated vehicle.

On the lookout for a fridge van or freezer van? Stay tuned for more announcements as and when available! In the meantime, be sure to browse through our listings for a full roundup of our refrigerated vehicle models.

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