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5 Good Reasons to Switch to an Electric Refrigerated Van

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5 Good Reasons to Switch to an Electric Refrigerated Van

Any business owner in the market for a new van at the moment will be overwhelmed by the choices available. The biggest choice they will need to make will be between a new electric vehicle and a combustion engine vehicle.

As long as combustion vehicles are still an option, they will remain a popular choice with businesses. Many business owners fear that they are not ready to make the switch to an electric vehicle. Others worry that electric vehicles won’t be able to keep up with the demand they put on vehicles.

If you’re on the fence about electric vehicles and need to know the potential benefits of making the switch, read on to learn 5 good reasons to switch to an electric refrigerated van in 2024…

Save money on fuel

1. Save money on fuel

With the price of fuel fluctuating all the time, you’d be right to want a little bit of consistency. By switching to an electric vehicle, you can save money on petrol or diesel and protect your business from harsh price hikes.

Electric vans are typically cheaper to run than their fossil fuel-guzzling counterparts. And if you also have an in-built refrigeration unit to run, you want to make sure your setup is as efficient as possible. 

2. Save the environment

Switching to an electric refrigerated van is not only great for business, it’s also great for the environment. You’ll lower your carbon footprint and put fewer harmful gases in the atmosphere by making this simple switch. 

If you have to make deliveries in built-up city streets, the residents will thank you for making this switch. If everyone made this switch, air quality in cities could be vastly improved. 

Boost your eco credentials with an electric refrigerated van

3. Boost your eco credentials

Another perk of switching to electric vehicles is that it is great for marketing your business. Consumers want to make smarter choices about where they shop, and this often means choosing organisations that value the same things that they value. 

For so many people, saving the environment is a worthy cause. You can advertise your eco credentials on your website and across social media and let your customers decide for themselves. Making this switch could also go a long way towards helping your operations become carbon-neutral.

4. Improve driver experience

Since all electric vehicles are new vehicles, you can be assured they will have all of the latest comforts and technology to help improve the driving experience. This can include things that make the driver more comfortable, and features that make driving safer, such as an increased number of sensors and cameras to help guide the driver.

If your drivers spend many hours on the road every day, they will appreciate the upgrade that comes from switching to an electric refrigerated van. Electric vehicles are also quieter, which can make for a more pleasant drive.

Future-proof your business

5. Future-proof your business

It won’t be long before diesel vans are no longer allowed on the roads. And we can expect all fuel-combustion engines to go the same way eventually. The introduction of London’s ultra-low emissions zone has already made it economically non-viable for a business to operate anything other than an electric van in busy built-up areas.

As these schemes spread throughout the UK, it will eventually become a requirement for businesses to invest in electric vehicles. By making the switch now, you can future-proof your business and protect against any future taxes and fines on less environmentally friendly vehicles.


There are many excellent reasons to consider switching to an electric refrigerated van for your business. It’s better for the environment, it’s better for your community and it’s better for your van drivers. You can also turn it into a unique marketing feature for your business.

That said, making the switch isn’t always that simple. You’ll need to consider the upfront cost of changing your vehicles. You’ll also need to research the range of your chosen vehicle and make sure it will be sufficient for your needs.

With so many incredible options available, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the electric vehicles to make up your business fleet. Just be sure to consider the long-term costs and benefits of making this switch to ensure it’s the right choice for your business. 

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