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Experience has taught us that the most important factor to consider when designing a fridge van for a drinks supplier is the payload after conversion, this is due to the weight of the liquids being carried needing to meet the safe industry regulations for transporting goods.Each panel van make and model will have its own payload capability after conversion, also considering fuel and a driver.

Thanks to our innovative insulated lining kits, we can offer the most competitive payload capabilities within the UK industry, with a chiller van conversion specified at 50mm insulation. This type of conversion will allow the vehicle to work within a temperature range of 0°C to 8°C, perfect for keeping drinks nice and cool during deliveries. Our sales specialist will take the time to understand exactly what the supplier will be carrying and recommend the best commercial panel van to suit the requirements.

Some extra features are available within our conversions which may be favourable for this type of use. Floor pallet protection, for example, is an optional add-on providing additional protection for the floor and insides of the fridge van when regularly loading pallets into the load space, preventing damage or premature wear. A selection of load restraints can also be beneficial, preventing movement of the goods during transportation and a rear safety step to assist the driver entering and existing the vehicle.

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