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Experience within the ice cream suppliers market has taught us the importance of running a reliable refrigerated vehicle which maintains the produce in excellent condition during transportation within the cold chain. An ice-cream supplier would require a freezer van with deep-freeze temperatures as low as -25°C, which can easily be achieved with a GRV freezer van conversion.

Strategic relations with industry-leading suppliers of refrigeration units, allows us to provide our customers with the most effective solution to their temperature controlled transport requirements, making sure that we also specify the most powerful refrigeration unit which will maintain the desired temperature during use. Also, thanks to the superior quality of our insulated lining kits, it is possible to reach the deep-freeze temperature whilst maintaining the 75mm insulation used for a normal freezer conversion at -18°C, allowing us to keep offering the best payload capabilities within the industry. The quality of our insulation together with the correct refrigeration unit, will create a perfect ice-cream freezer van giving peace of mind to our customers on the abilities of their new investment.

For a deep-freeze vehicle, it is also advisable to replace the usual sliding side door with a slab door, creating extra efficiency in maintaining the desired temperature in the load space of the van. It is also common to eliminate side access completely and simply enter the vehicle from the rear doors. This is down to customer preferences and whether they require the side access to the van. Either way, we can create the perfect ice-cream freezer van with a vast range of commercial vehicle makes and models to choose from.

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