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Refrigerated vehicles for the meat, fish, dairy and poultry market sectors can vary in specification, from chiller vans, to freezer vans or dual-temperature controlled if required.With an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers within these sectors, we are in an advantageous position to offer a full design and manufacturing service for quality-assured fridge vans set to serve your business daily.

The introduction of ‘Economy Drive’ systems on vehicles has meant that more and more panel vans now incorporate an engine ‘Start/Stop’ feature as standard.Although engineered to enhance fuel economy, this new feature is not always desirable on a fridge van conversion. Thanks to our extensive expertise within these market sector, we understand the importance of constant temperature control when carrying food produce, especially raw meats and fish goods. If a fridge van was to stop the power from the engine to the refrigeration unit at every traffic light or traffic jam, the refrigeration unit will fail to reach the desired temperature and maintain it for a period of time. With the Euro 6 engine now on the market and more initiatives emerging for vehicle emissions, the likelihood is that most or all vehicles will soon be specified with a Start/Stop facility as standard. Creating a strategic relationship with a specialist company in the industry, we are now in the advantageous position to offer an exclusive add-on feature which will assist with the automatic shut-down of the Start/Stop system every time the engine is started.

As well as the above technical advancement, we hold a portfolio of extra features perfect for creating a reliable and efficient fridge van, including drain holes within the hygienic van flooring, rear safety step to protect the rear of the van during loading, strip curtains for multi-drop deliveries, shelving and racking for easy storage of goods, meat hanging rails and many more, all of which can be incorporated with in our conversion designs to match customer requirements.

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