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It is critical for a flower supplier to have a reliable refrigerated vehicle which maintains the products at the correct temperature, allowing them to deliver the colourful flowers in all their glory and making the most of their short life-span. As standard, flowers need to be kept at a chilled temperature of 5°C to 7°C, anything below or above this range would affect the quality of the goods.

Thanks to our understanding into the extra facilities which can be added to a standard fridge van conversion, it is possible to fit a refrigeration unit with added heat/cool facility: this allows the fridge van to understand the temperature in the outside world and adjust the temperature controlled load space accordingly. So, for example, if it is a typical cold winter day outside, the refrigeration unit will work to heat up the load space reaching the desired chilled temperature. Alternatively, if it is a not so typically hot day, the refrigeration unit will work to cool down the load space. A GRV chiller van conversion, specified with a 50mm insulated lining kit, is perfect for this type of use, which is adaptable to a vast range of commercial vans makes and models, giving the customers a choice of transportation depending on their preferences and requirements.

With our in-house design service, it is possible to personalise each chiller van conversion we carry out. Therefore, a flower supplier can receive a refrigerated vehicle complete with shelves or storage within the load space to match their exact requirements.All of this is possible from initial enquiry, where we take the time to understand exactly what the chiller van will be used for and create a detailed proposal to match.

CAD visualisations of the conversion are prepared prior to manufacturing commencing, providing the customer with full visibility of what their chiller van will look like once completed.

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