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Refrigerated Vehicles Key To Pharmaceutical Deliveries

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The delivery of medicines to patients is a key component of local healthcare services. And during the coronavirus pandemic, prescription deliveries to households have been crucial for people who are shielding due to chronic illness.

Refrigerated vehicles play a crucial role in deliveries because many medicines need to be kept at specific regulated temperatures. Without suitably adapted commercial vehicles, pharmacies and specialist couriers cannot perform their roles effectively — leading to logistical problems and the subsequent impact on patient wellbeing.

The home delivery of medicines in areas with a local lockdown has been very successful overall. The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee’s Pandemic Delivery Service and an army of volunteers have ensured consistent deliveries in areas where lockdown prevented patients from accessing key pharma services.

The Pandemic Delivery Service was launched in April 2020 to provide vital delivery assistance for vulnerable people needing medicines. The scheme worked in conjunction with pharmacies to expand their delivery services via a network of accredited private contractors, the majority who use refrigerated vehicles.

Although the service was originally disbanded, it has since been recommissioned as cases of coronavirus begin to rise. Deliveries will be available in areas with a local lockdown — but only for people who are shielding or those who cannot rely on others to collect it on their behalf. The intention is to protect the most vulnerable patients.

As a company with many customers operating in the pharma industry, at GRV4FridgeVans, we know only too well the importance of reliable and functional refrigerated vehicles. Not only do commercial vans need to be reliable and fit for purpose, they must also be economical and ideally have low emissions, especially if operating in London.

Deliveries of pharmaceuticals have been particularly useful during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. In areas where cases of Covid-19 are high and access to chemists and shops is limited, refrigerated deliveries are vital, especially for the more vulnerable and patients who are shielding and unable to leave home.

While in the first instance a family member or friend is advised to collect prescriptions from chemists, deliveries are sometimes necessary and the only way to ensure vital medicines reach patients. And in cases where the chemist fleet is overstretched, registered volunteers with refrigerated vans have stepped up to the mark.

As we begin to see more cases of coronavirus across the UK and an increasing number of areas going into local lockdown, demand for pharmacy deliveries will inevitably grow. If you are vulnerable or shielding and require any assistance getting your medicines, at GRV4FridgeVans, we can help to source a local pharmacy delivery service near you by searching our database of providers.

Likewise, if you are interested in a new refrigerated vehicle for use in the pharmaceutical industry, then get in touch with us to find out more about our wide range of commercial vehicles. We feature commercial vans from many of the world’s top manufacturers, including Ford, Mercedes, Citroen, Nissan, and more.

We also stock vans of different sizes to suit multiple purposes. And we cater for different budget requirements, plus have a number of eco-friendly van options available (ideal for those who want to operate in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone). With our focus on great customer service, trust GRV for pharmaceutical distribution.

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